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Orthodontic Treatment – Why?
Beautiful teeth are the key to more vitality, positive appearance and self-confidence, no matter how old you are - this is our everyday passion. Starting from facial harmony, teeth and jaw are an important part when taking a holistic view at the human organism. Perfectly aligned teeth are essentially vital for the chewing function, jaw joint and speech as well as the best possible tooth cleaning. We as specialists for orthodontic dentistry like to think out of the box and work closely together with experts in all fields, not only regionally in Stuttgart Zuffenhausen and Stuttgart North-Killesberg, but also internationally and we allways have in mind, that the main focus is always on our patients.

No matter whether you are statutory or private health insurance patient:
We want you to feel comfortable from the very first moment while you are with us. Appointments at short notice, minimum waiting time and a pleasant atmosphere (magazines, WLAN) Competent consulting in accordance with state-of-the-art of science and technology, materials that deliver on their promises and an offer tailored to your individual needs. A holistic view in all situations and to avoid tooth extraction are the two factors which are at heart of our orthodontic consultation. They are our basis and motivation. Your smile – Our business card What can we do to help you? We are looking forward to welcome you in our practice!

Orthodontic Treatment for Adults
Customized to your individual specific requirements and your dental status.

Orthodontic Treatment for Adults – How do these two fit together?

An age limit is not existing as long as there are healthy teeth and sufficient bone structure. We bring a smile to your face again.

Reasons for braces?

A dental correction first and foremost serves to improve the aesthetics. It can also help to restore the chewing function, to protect the jaw joint, to relieve tension and headaches and to improve breathing (snoring). The orthodontic treatment is also possible in combination with denture and in close cooperation with your dentist.

Orthodontic Treatment for Teenagers
A perfect smile for charisma and vitality.

Orthodontic Treatment – When should you come and see us?

As a general rule, we start an orthodontic treatment at the age of 10 to 12 years. An individual diagnosis is needed to decide which appliance is the best option for the patient. Depending on the degree of misalignment either a fixed or a removable brace will be needed.

Possible causes for jaw or teeth misalignments:

  • A premature loss of teeth           
  • Hereditary predisposition
  • Mouth breathing/Wrong swallowing pattern 

Orthodontic Treatment for Children
Treatment if medically necessary, only.

When is the right time to make an appointment for your child?

Our youngest patients are particularly important to us. We will be more than happy to work together with you to achieve a wonderful result. All this with a great deal of sensitivity and considering the medical necessity A first orthodontic control can take place for children as young as 4 years. At this age already, deviations from the standard can be identified and influenced positively. The gentle treatment with a removable brace takes about 1 ½ years Bad habits like thumb sucking and the use of soothers may worsen jaw and teeth misalignments We are happy to assist with tips to break this habit.

The Course of Treatment at a Glance

Arrange an appointment

Online or on the phone. Fill in the Medical at home and return it to us or print it out and take it with you for your first visit This saves time and allows for more attention to you.


Your wish for therapy and treatment options come first. The initial consultation is without any obligation and free of charge.

For the initial consultation, please take the following documents with you:

  • Health Insurance Card
  • Information on complementary health insurance
  • X-ray images of the teeth of the last 6 months
  • Expectations and wishes for the orthodontic treatment
Detailed planning

Information on targeted treatment alternatives and individual cost consideration. The best basis for making the right decision.

Healthy and caries-free teeth
form the basis of our work!

An optimum oral hygiene and dental care is generally necessary prior, during and after the treatment. An orthodontic treatment creates the conditions for a permanently fully functional set of teeth. This treatment moves your teeth slowly and gently within the jaw and thus influences the growth processes of the cranium. The duration of the therapy depends on the medical measures, the biological response of the tissue, the age, the wearing time and the motivation and is always different for each individual patient.

Unable to attend or delayed?

Please let us know as soon as possible and allow for a little more waiting time.

Specific questions regarding the treatment?

No problem, we are always ready to listen to you. Just ask at the reception.